Perform all accounting services, consulting and financial management:

  •  Evaluation of the internal control system and the provision of financial regulations and guidelines
  •  Defining organization chart of the financial unit
  •  Designing forms and operational procedures of warehouse, fixed assets and payroll
  •  Developing Description of accounting tasks in different units
  •  Helping with choosing financial software
  •  Modify the design of coding and coding principles accounts
  •  Record financial documents and account updates
  •  Preparation lists of the salary tax, insurance and gifts
  •  Optimization of systems and financial reports
  •  Implementation of improvement and close the account at the end of the fiscal year
  •  Preparation of financial statement in accordance of financial standards with Explanatory Notes

Audit services :

  •  Internal Audit
  •  Warehouse handling affairs with the expert staffs according to principles and standards of accounting and inventory procedures
  •  Legal inspections of companies that are required to determine the legal inspector in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code.

Offering a variety of accounting software that is as follows :

  •  Financial Accounting
  •  Storage
  •  Sale
  •  Salary and pay
  •  Attendance
  •  Property

Fulfill all tax services, which includes :

  •  Defining the field of tax and insurance matters relating to the workshop codes and bar codes
  •  Registration, filing and completing tax value added
  •  Received national ID
  •  Received a temporary certificate of added value
  •  Preparation of tax returns
  •  Providing consulting services in tax affairs
  •  Provide tax bills and defense
  •  Participated in tax dispute resolution bodies

Legal services and registration that includes :

  •  Contracts
  •  Denomination of the Company
  •  Establishment of the company
  •  Received national ID
  •  Record logo
  •  Registration of trade marks
  •  Adjusting the minutes of specialties (transform the company, rename, change of address, change the subject, liquidation of companies (refining), transport and transfer of stocks, increasing and decreasing capital, ...)
  •  Getting business cards
  •  Griminal cases
  •  Civil claims
  •  Family crisis

Consulting Labor and Social Security

  •  Rules and regulations on social security
  •  Rules and regulations contracting contract is subject to the Social Security Act
  •  Rules and regulations related to labor law
  •  Legal aspects of the work contract (individual - collective)
  •  Performance evaluation of staff and motivating methods
  •  Human Resources Planning
  •  Recruitment skills
  •  Occupational Classification liable to labor law and related rules and regulations
  •  Participative management and recommendation system